Program A (a day trip to elephants’ home)

  • Come straight to Magway elephant camp.
  • Welcome by our team and inform about project (necessary information about camp will be given by English speaking staff). As well as safety instruction will be given before interacting with elephants.
  • Walk (5-7mins) to elephant village and see the life of mahouts with their families.
  • Time to introduce the elephants and feed them (daily prepared food). Then team will lead you go to the river where elephant bath and you can join for washing elephants like your owned pet.
  •  Riding is not our main focus. We will let you be in touch with our elephants as Mahouts during the washing time.
  • Opportunity to help in our forest recovery project. You are welcome to join us by planting one regional tree for forest recovery efforts. (GHV team will assist for planting program).
  • Due to the season, we do not operate planting trees the whole year. But we welcome you to help in our seedling process for forest recovery program.
  • Lunch will be served at the main camp.

For Elephant skeleton (further study for veterinary interest)

Recycle product of GHV, from Elephant poo (paper making experience)

  • From the main camp, you can visit to our recycle paper project from elephant poo, and further learning elephant study with Skeleton.
  • You may able to have more information about elephants and forest (from our speakers). Then, you may explore around the forest area, opportunity to see butterflies, birds and orchids in our conservation area, if clients want to spend longer time in the nature. (by your owned exploration, if time permit).
  • Drive back to your destination.

Tips for program A


Our operations start at 9:30AM and end at 3:30~4 PM when the elephants are going back to forest for free roaming.

Riding is not our main focus. We will let you be in touch with our elephants as Mahouts during the washing time.

We can operate planting trees program in monsoon but you all can participate in nursery operations the whole year.

Elephant schedule in summer is very strict due to high temperature.

we do not let our elephants be in the heat for washing in the river(from 11:00am to 3:00pm).


Elephant Camp project site: Magway village, Kalaw, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.

Yangon office: No. 45 - 8th FL, Nguwah Street, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Office phone: - +9512316492


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