Our Elephants

Shwe Moe May

She is 63 years and retired from Myanmar Timber Enterprise. She arrived GHV camp in 2012. Her mahout, U Tin Tun is taking care of her and GHV take care of his family and education of his children.

Yu Moe Yin

She is 56 years and she used to be a beautiful model for State processions. She has been retired after she got attacked from a wild bull and moved to GHV for her retirement. Her mahout, Kyaw Zin Min and his wife are taking care of her. She is originally from Myanmar Timber Enterprise.

Shu Lay Wah

40 years old lady Shu Lay Wah has worked for Myanmar Timber Enterprise and she was tired of logging by the age of 35. Then the department gave her retirement and transferred to GHV for her proper rest and health care. Hla Htun  and family is caring her with the supervision of both MTE department and GHV vets.

Moca Tharel

She is 68 years and the oldest at the camp. Her life has been busy and moved around the country for different timber logging places in different part of the country till before she moved to GHV camp. Her mahout, Thant Zin Oo and GHV team are trying to make her comfort with our passions and care.


The lady aged in 65 years arrived GHV in early 2016. She came from Taungoo region and her owner no longer able to handle because of logging ban. Shine Aung is her mahout at present and GHV happy to support the difficult situation of owners with their elephants.

Hnin Sit Wai

The one who is not very old like others, 30 years old lady Hnin Sitt Wai has different story. She has been transferred to different owners and moved different places for the demand of logging. She got a gun shot since she was in wild in sagaing region and she did not get proper treatment. Then, she was performed in local ceremonies with her last owner till before she has been rescued by GHV. She also got a problem with her leg and GHV is trying to make her comfort with regular treatment and let her rest throughout her life. Her mahout, Thant Zin Phyo  is very passionate and she is now having her new family at GHV.

Htun Ma Ma

 40 years old Htun Ma Ma is pretty and gentle lady. She is actually a family member of GHV. Her nature and friendliness make all visitors be happy and all her actions remain as sweet memories. She is enjoying to be here with her mahout, Zaw Win and his wife.

 Phoe Chit

10 years old Phoe Chit arrived as an orphan when he was 3. His life at GHV is well protected by his elephant nannies and camp management. He always tries to learn everything what the oldies did. So far his life is relaxing and enjoyable. He became one of the sweetest elephants for all visitors.


Elephant Camp project site: Magway village, Kalaw, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.

Yangon office: No. 45 - 8th FL, Nguwah Street, Ahlone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Office phone: - +9512316492


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